• Each piece of our car rental portfolio can be considered a special offer because all our cars have several advantageous features. Thus, some have an extremely low fuel consumption such as for example Chevrolet Spark or Citroen C1 and others are highly stylish and practical, such as for example Renault Fluence and Skoda Octavia. But to choose the best car for your needs please consult our entire car rental fleet.

Special Offers
Friday 24 Sep 2021
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Fiat Albea, a middle class model from our rent a car fleet

Fiat Albea

Fiat Albea is a reference sedan for the Italian manufacturer. Production of the model model  reached in the second stage, the first version of the being is produced between 2002 and 2006 in Fiat plants in Turkey. Fiat Albea was imposed on the Romanian market and is considered to be a reliable car with performances and prices situated in the middle class. It is an elegant car, modern, adaptable to all transportation needs of a family, it is used both for driving throug the city  and for long trips.

Fiat Albea’s engines comes with some interesting variations. You must consider the 1.2 8v engine and 1.2 16V and the powerful 1.6 16V petrol. Albea offers impeccable driving position, it’s roomy for passengers. Boot volume is not negligible: 515 l, a strong argument for customers who want a practical car for a multitude of events.

So, Albea is a car that you can often meet on the streets of eastern European countries, the targeted markets of this model. Therefore, you probably already noticed, Albea is a regular and on the streets of Romania, the driviers recognizing the benefits of quality-price ratio. Albea is basically a family car that covers the transport needs of a middle-class family. You can rely on it when you drive your kids to school then go to work, also you can upload several large bags to go to a barbeque, a picnic or to visit some tourist attractions near your area in the weekend.

The sedan class that have an average price is highly lookep up in Romania, customers are forced to choose between a multitude models that can be used in the mentioned above conditions. If you are interested to buy such a car, please test the model you consider to be enough from our rent a car agency. The model we provide to you has a 1.2 16V engine, petrol, 80 bhp, consumption in urban areas / extraurban / mixed is 9.4 to 5.7 - 7.0 liters per 100 km. The rental price of this model is 20 euros per day for up to a week, 19 euros for up to 2 weeks and 18 euros for a longer period.

If you have such a model, and it is in a service for a short period, but you need a vehicle to meet your needs of transportation, renting this machine is a convenient solution. If you are curious about performances and vehicle’s behavior in comparison with other models in its class, rent it with confidence from our rent a car agency. If you are from abroad and you need a car during your stay, Fiat Albea is a practical, cost-effective and comfortable solution. Fiat Albea is a reference model in its class, the Italian manufacturer, generating impressive sales on the adressed markets. Convince yourself about car’s performances renting it from our rent a car agency.





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