• Each piece of our car rental portfolio can be considered a special offer because all our cars have several advantageous features. Thus, some have an extremely low fuel consumption such as for example Chevrolet Spark or Citroen C1 and others are highly stylish and practical, such as for example Renault Fluence and Skoda Octavia. But to choose the best car for your needs please consult our entire car rental fleet.

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Thursday 23 Sep 2021
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Ford Focus, a classic hatchback of our rent a car portfolio

Ford Focus

Focus is not unknown for a connoisseur of the automotive world. The model launched in 1998 it’s now at its third generation, has been through various restylings and upgraded to new technologies. But the essence has not been changed. Ford Focus is a classic hatchback, appreciated and sold all across the world, being a regular on the streets of Romania. Ford Focus is considered by British specialists as one of the best cars in its class, surpassing European and asian rivals.

To meet global demands, Focus invested in production lines all over the world, the model is made ??obvious in the United States, also, in Germany, Russia, Thailand and China. The most common engine variant of the model is the 1.6 cc petrol engine. Those looking for more power can opt for the 2.0 cc TDCi engine, 140 bhp, but overally, the Focus gives to the potential client one of the most varied range of automotive engines.

World’s bestseller Focus has undergone through a successful restyling in 2008, keeping them constantly in sales among its segment. Focus is recognized for its extraordinary roadholding, easy to be driven, generous interior space and attractive board that displays it, especially after the last restyling that I mentioned earlier.

If you are curious about the car's performances, if you want to convince yourself why was the car sold worldwide in the first years after 2000, we provide the model for rent. Our Focus is equipped with an engine of 1.6 cc petrol, 74 bhp, 5-speed manual gearbox, consumes through urban / extra-urban / combined areas -8.7-5.5 - 6.7 l per 100 km. Boot capacity is initially 385 l, but if you need more storage space by folding the rear seat, you will get a 1247 liter storage space for a weekly rental price of 27 euros per day, 24 euros for 2 weeks and for a longer period, 22 euros.

Focus is a good choice if you want both the needs of everyday transport you and your family, but also a suitable car and irreproachable behavior at long trips, when you leave for vacation destinations or go to visit relatives or friends in other cities. If the hatchback you currently have is being under service or if you are not satisfied by the present car and consider a future purchase of a car from this range, Focus is an option that you need to consider. Convince youself of the advantages, compare it with other models. Focus may be forthcoming as the family car because you will be convinced of its benefits on value for money ratio and in terms of fuel consumption. Appeal our rent a car company for renting a Focus, a reference model of its class and a globally apreciated car.





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