• Each piece of our car rental portfolio can be considered a special offer because all our cars have several advantageous features. Thus, some have an extremely low fuel consumption such as for example Chevrolet Spark or Citroen C1 and others are highly stylish and practical, such as for example Renault Fluence and Skoda Octavia. But to choose the best car for your needs please consult our entire car rental fleet.

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Thursday 23 Sep 2021
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Why the car rental offers for Dacia are so advantageous

Why the car rental offers for Dacia are so advantageous

Dacia is a brand with a burst of sales in Western Europe, especially in France, Italy, Spain and Germany. Westerners regard as a practical car at a very reasonable price. The quality comparable to any other producer’s price was the main asset of the Mioveni manufacturer.

Paradoxically, Dacia has a very good image in the eyes of the romanians, but is still at the top of popularity in our country. This image is wrong fueled by the few features that it offers compared to other builders. Many will not understand that Dacia has a customer profile, and they perfectly match with the facilities and the Dacia’s price models.

Dacia Logan is, according to statistics, the most registered car in Romania. Another popular model is Dacia Logan MCV,  a break which can have up to 7 seats to be roomy enough for both numerous families and also can transport any objects. In 2010 Dacia unveiled the most affordable SUV, Duster, a model that has become a fast top-selling. Duster was appreciated by critics in the automotive world, proving offroad qualities.

Both Logan, Logan MCV and Duster fleet cars are available to be rented at our car rental company.

Dacia Logan is a classic car designed for the needs of middle class families. It is a car for commuting to work, drive the children to school, also being suitable for trips outside the city. If you have a problem with your personal car and is in service for a few days or weeks and you need a car to accomplsih your work and family duties, Dacia Logan is a very good solution. It can be rented at a price between 20 and 18 euros, depending on how long the machine will use. It is a good opportunity, if you own a different brand, to try, at least for a few days it’s realiability and establish if you have created a true or false impression about Dacia.

If you have a family with many children, or have a small business and need to transport various goods and the vehicle which you currently use  has problems, you can rent a Logan MCV, a wagon with a cargo capacity of 50 l.

Duster is a car that will surely surprise you. We recommend to rent a Duster SUV to test it. If you want to go on a weekend getaway in the mountains, and desire to take more friends and luggage, you will be impressed because Duster is providing these facilities. You can rent one from our car rental company at a price of 40 euros per day for a period of up to one week, the price dropping for a longer rental period.



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